The Meter: Overview

Bayer's BREEZE®2 blood glucose monitoring system provides fast, simplified testing with the unique 10-test disc. Each disc holds 10 test strips which are individually foil wrapped, so there is less chance of dropping or losing test strips. All of life should be this simple.

Features & Specifications

Bayer's No Coding™ helps ensure accurate test results. Results in 5 seconds and our unique 10-test disc let you get on with your life a little quicker. View all the benefits of Bayer's BREEZE®2.

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Compare Bayer's BREEZE®2

Not only is Bayer's BREEZE®2 meter easy to use and convenient, it also requires only a small sample and has a large screen for easy reading. Find out all the advantages by viewing our comparison chart.



Great things come in stylish, convenient packages. Visit the gallery to view pictures of the BREEZE®2, at all different angles.

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How To Use

Watch our product video and learn how easy Bayer's BREEZE®2 is to use.

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360 Demo

Interact with Bayer's BREEZE®2 360° demo.

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